Honorable Service


Thinking of my grandfathers who served 70 years ago, and my best friend, who returned home in September, has dutifully served almost 20 years. We need to show our respect to those who put country before self. Today and everyday, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Honorable Service

  1. When you think of your grandfathers some history will come to mind. Grandpa P. in the Atlantic theater of operations, Operation Torch the north African invasion, the invasion of Sicily, the invasion of Italy at Salerno are a few highlights aboard the light cruiser USS Savannah Grandpa H. the Louisiana maneuvers, the Pacific theater of operations with the 1st cavalry division the initial invasion of the Philippines islands at Leyte The liberation of American civilians in Manila on Luzon the landing in Tokyo bay following the treaty signing are a few highlights. None of these were backwater operations just check the history books you will easily locate these events.



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