Camera Man

Camera Man

The original [hipster] camera man.  He introduced me to this device and kept one in my hands ever since. The first time he let me use his SLR, I was hooked and am forever grateful. Happy Birthday, Dad!


2 thoughts on “Camera Man

  1. I handed Laura my camera on my 40th birthday they wanted a picture of me with the cake and the 40 candles yes 40 candles.
    they lit them all and Laura was busy focusing and composing the picture and I was getting quite warm, under the right circumstances it could have burned the house down. finally she tripped the shutter and got the perfect picture then I blew them all out in one blast and she has the photo to prove it.. I knew she was ready to shoot with it and I think that was the first time any of the kids ever held my camera in their hands. the rest is history as you can see as she inherited her great aunts(Sr. Laura) ability to see a good picture.
    I am afraid that somewhere out there is that picture with my cake with a fire on top of it.



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